Khor Virap Monastery, Armenia

Khor Virap is the Armenian monastery closest to the sacred Mt. Ararat.  Because of a combination of fog and cloud we were only graced with fleeting glimpses of the mountain and never got its picture.  But when we got to the Monastery a man pushed pigeons into our hands (he said they were doves) and told us to release them with our fondest dreams so … Continue reading Khor Virap Monastery, Armenia

Monasteries and MiGs, Sanahin Side.

The Drive from Yerevan to Tbilisi is through the Debed Canyon that runs north from Vanadzor to the border.  The canyon has decaying industrial towns at its base and soaring monasteries, surrounded by traditional villages, on its peaks.  Armenia has beautiful countryside, rugged mountains and ancient historic monasteries interspersed with industrial wastelands of pervasive ugliness. You can take it all in by just turning your … Continue reading Monasteries and MiGs, Sanahin Side.

Monasteries and MiGs, Haghpat Side.

Haghpat Monastery looks across the Debed Valley at the Sanahin Monastery.  In the valley in the middle sits the industrial town of Alaverdi.  The Alaverdi region is famous for its monasteries and its Soviet heroes.   It is the home of the Mikoyan Brothers.   There’s a museum dedicated to the Mikoyan brothers in Sanahin.  One brother, Anastas, was a politburo member for 60 years who served … Continue reading Monasteries and MiGs, Haghpat Side.

Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia does not have an official market but the regular street markets take on a festive air at Christmas time.  Here are some pictures from 2006.  I love the fur hats and Santa selling luxury automobiles.   We almost didn’t make it home for Christmas that year because the airport was fogged in for several days and we ended up spending more time in … Continue reading Yerevan, Armenia