The Kariye Museum (Chora Church)

On Monday we met our friend Andrea Lemieux, a former IREX, colleague for lunch and a visit to one of her favorite places in Istanbul. The Kariye Museum (Chora Church).  Constantine built it outside the walls of Constantinople, although this version of the church was erected by Justinian.  The Turks made it a mosque, plastering over the artwork, but in 1945 it became a museum.  … Continue reading The Kariye Museum (Chora Church)

Kitties of Constantinople

Istanbul (not Constantinople) loves cats. According to Andrea some neighborhoods have free cat clinics where vets care for strays. Some folks take their pet cats to the clinic for free care.  People leave bowls of water and people keep kitty kibble in their pockets to leave little piles. At the cemetery by the Suleymaniye Mosque water bowls sit discreetly behind headstones.  We watched a kitten enjoy … Continue reading Kitties of Constantinople

Istanbul, 2010

This is a letter I wrote during a trip to Istanbul from Belgrade, where we lived.  The Pictures are street scenes from Istanbul. There are other posts that feature the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Markets, the Topkapi Palace, and Shulyman Mosque June 28, 2010 Dear Friends, Coming to Turkey is like visiting the home office for the Balkans.  The food, architecture, and even some of the … Continue reading Istanbul, 2010