Russia, The Prelude: Moscow and Leningrad, 1985

In July 1985 our family traveled to the Soviet Union, Leningrad and Moscow.  This was our first exposure to Soviet life and, while we had not intended this, it provided a baseline against which to judge our later experiences.  These entries are from a travel diary that I wrote for our two sons, who were 8 and 12 at the time. Customs: On the train … Continue reading Russia, The Prelude: Moscow and Leningrad, 1985

Rose Revolution Square, A Transformation.

Rose Revolution Square is still under re-construction.  It had two anchors, The Hotel Iveria and the reviewing stand for Mayday parades.  One is gone and the other utterly transformed. In 2004 I wrote:  “Georgia has some of the screwiest modern Socialist Realism on the planet, including a massive, several story high multi arched reviewing stand for May Day parades that looks like what Le Cobisier … Continue reading Rose Revolution Square, A Transformation.

Russia, Vladivostok 1990

  In November of 1990 we got a call from a friend in Juneau.  Juneau was trying to put together the first US citizen delegation to visit Vladivostok in more than 50 years.  They wanted kids who could spend a week in a Vladivostok English language school and adults who could accompany them to discuss business relations.  Were we interested? Suzi immediately committed the two … Continue reading Russia, Vladivostok 1990