Rila Monastery, Bulgaria, 1997

These pictures are faded.  We scanned them to put on this website.   March 1997 There are fine monasteries, isolated in the mountains, and of only passing interest to the Turks, so they remain.  We went to Rila.  It is a four story arcaded and fortified place with fine frescos that have the faces of donors to the monastery depicted as saints, and demons.  I … Continue reading Rila Monastery, Bulgaria, 1997

Rakoivishki Monastery, Bulgaria.

This is from October 2011. We drove back to Serbia by back roads.  The main attraction was to be Belogradchik, an Ottoman fort built around a series of natural red rock monoliths.  In pictures they look spectacular, but we had fog down to the deck so I really can’t testify to them first hand.  Now I know how cruise ship passengers arriving in Sitka must … Continue reading Rakoivishki Monastery, Bulgaria.

Sofia, Bulgaria

My Friend Lili from Sofia asked where Bulgaria was in my blog.  Here are some Archive pictures from October 2011.  October 30, 2011 Sofia, Bulgaria Anyone who digs a few meters under Sofia’s the streets finds layers of history ranging from Neolithic to Ottoman with Roman, Byzantine and Medieval Bulgarian layered between.  In 2004 excavations started for the hotel in which we were staying, workers … Continue reading Sofia, Bulgaria