We arrived in Skagway in time for its evacuation.  Skagway has a year around population on 850 but in the summer the population is on the north side of 2000.  Sometimes 10,000 visitors, tourists and crew, come off of up to 5 ships.  We arrived the second Sunday of September.  The day we arrived we were the last of 3 ferries who were taking people … Continue reading Skagway

White Pass & Yukon Route, STEAM !!!

The White Pass and Yukon Route (WP & YR) is billed as the Scenic Railway of the World.  It’s a narrow gauge (3’) railroad that was built to carry gold stampeders from tidewater at Skagway to, first the White Pass Summit (Late 1898) then to Lake Bennet BC, the head of navigation for the Yukon River (1899) and finally, 110 miles to Whitehorse (1900), beyond … Continue reading White Pass & Yukon Route, STEAM !!!

WP & YR Scenic Railway of the World.

The White Pass is billed as Scenic Railway of the World.   I can imagine with the play of clouds as we climb the almost 3000 feet to the summit of White Pass each trip is different.  With steam power the whole trip is filtered through the fine mist created by the locomotive, we were in the car directly behind old 73, giving the whole landscape … Continue reading WP & YR Scenic Railway of the World.

The Run Home, Chatham Strait to Peril Strait.

Chatham Strait, or Shee ya xhaak in the Tlingit language runs 150 miles from the southern tip of Baranof Island to Lynn Canal where it joins Icy Strait.   Admiralty Island is on the East, Baranof and Chichagof Islands to the west.  It is part of the same fault system that created Lynn Canal.  George Vancouver named it after the first Earl of Chatham, William Pitt. … Continue reading The Run Home, Chatham Strait to Peril Strait.

Sunrise at Noon, Sitka to Ketchikan

I must have flown between Sitka and Ketchikan at least 100 times in the past 30 years.  Most of the times it has been overcast.  When it isn’t, I usually have an aisle seat, my preference.  Ten days ago, flying through Ketchikan to Seattle, Alaska Airlines upgraded me to first class in a window seat.  It was midday and a weather front was coming in.  … Continue reading Sunrise at Noon, Sitka to Ketchikan

The Alaska Marine Highway System is 50

These are pictures I have taken over the years of our Ferry System.  I am amazed that several of the ships have  been serving for 50 years and still run well, having been modified over the years.  Three were stretched, they were reconfigured to run on diesel rather than bunker fuel, they all have new safety equipment, they have re-done interiors, but the original ships … Continue reading The Alaska Marine Highway System is 50