Beyond the White Pass Summit.

The White Pass and Yukon Route used to run from Skagway, Alaska at tidewater to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, 110 miles.  Today it goes only as far as Carcross, YT.  Most tourists only ride the train to the White Pass Summit.  Some trains go tho Fraser Meadows BC, some on to Lake Bennett BC and a few to Carcross.  A few lucky of us get to ride the Steam Train excursion to the loop at Fraser Meadows.  We were in the car following Number 73 as she chugged up the pass.  The scenery on “the other side” of the pass is different and, in some ways more beautiful, especially in the fall.  This is the third installment my White Pass Trilogy.  To read about the railroad click here,  and to read about the steam train trip up to White Pass and down again click here.  Here are pics from the misty world beyond White Pass.

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