Railjet, Austria’s High Speed Train.

Railjet is Austria’s high speed train.  While not as fast as Germany’s ICE (Suzi’s train from Brussels to Munich topped out at 275) or France’s TGV, we clocked a respectable 232 km per hour  (144 MPH) on the route between Munich and Vienna.  The train is comfortable with wi-fi (I took a picture when the speedometer tipped 200 and sent it out on FaceBook), a dining car, a cart that brings food to you and nice seats.  Taking pictures out of the windows at the alpine meadows at that speed was a challenge for my camera.  You don’t really feel the speed, the ride is so smooth.  With auto speed limits at 130 this is fast, and well used.  The cars were pretty full on our 3 hour 56 minute trip.  At St. Polten, a far suburb, the train really filled up and we did hit over 230 on the 25 minute trip to Vienna.  The regular commuter train takes 52 minutes, more than twice as long.

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