Salt Pope, Krakow, Poland

I’m not sure of the theological meaning, but Pope John Paul II has been turned into a pillar of salt.  In Genesis it was Lot’s wife who became a saline pillar.  Her sin was looking back at Sodom, the home from which she was being evacuated by angels before its destruction. The Wieliczka mines in Krakow Poland are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We took … Continue reading Salt Pope, Krakow, Poland

Warsaw, Palm Sunday, 2013

On Palm Sunday we ventured into the old town a second time.  Poland is not the land of palm trees, although Charles De Gaulle square has a huge plastic palm tree.  (It is a work of art.  Before the war a road ran from this circle to a Jewish suburb called “New Jerusalem.”  The plastic palm tree honors that.)  In place of palms Poles parade … Continue reading Warsaw, Palm Sunday, 2013