Salt Pope, Krakow, Poland

I’m not sure of the theological meaning, but Pope John Paul II has been turned into a pillar of salt.  In Genesis it was Lot’s wife who became a saline pillar.  Her sin was looking back at Sodom, the home from which she was being evacuated by angels before its destruction. The Wieliczka mines in Krakow Poland are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We took a bus to the salt mines and went on the tour.  We went down about 438 feet, although the mines go down much further than that, and walked for about three kilometers underground.  The wondrous … Continue reading Salt Pope, Krakow, Poland

Warsaw, Poland, March, 2013

A week ago we woke up on a Saturday morning in Warsaw.  It was 2 degrees Fahrenheit (-16 Celsius) with a minus 15 F wind chill.  It was time to get ready for our Warsaw tour, which included a walking tour of the old town.  It was cold but we went. We arrived on Friday on the Berlin-Warsaw express.  Warsaw Central station does not have well marked exits, so instead of getting out onto the street we ended up exiting into a large and modern shopping mall with an undulating glass roof.  I finally found my way out of the … Continue reading Warsaw, Poland, March, 2013