A Joyful Noise in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is an annual compass point for our family, an annual highlight.   This year was the 44th festival.  We’ve been to 38. We go to connect with friends and introduce our grandkids to the joys of a multicultural festival, just as we did with our own kids.  We also go to discover new acts, and sometimes get a nostalgic kick. There’s the … Continue reading A Joyful Noise in Winnipeg

Victoria’s Totem Poles

One of my favorite walks in Sitka is through Sitka National Historical Park, we call it “Totem Park.”  I have been friends with many of the poles in the park since my first walk through in 1973.  In the 44 years since then I have made the acquaintance of several new poles, carved for different occasions, commemorating the Park Service, or the Battle of Sitka.  … Continue reading Victoria’s Totem Poles

Winnipeg Folk Festival 2014

When we first started going to the Winnipeg Folk Festival it was a way to get away from everything and spend several days in Birds’ Hill Provincial Park 40 KM north of the city.  There were no phones. Even when I started carrying laptops and mobile phones the Winnipeg Folk Festival remained a black hole for communications, for a while.  I liked it that way.  … Continue reading Winnipeg Folk Festival 2014

Breakfast in a Yukon Roadhouse on the Alaska Highway

Driving south on the Alaska Highway we stayed in a Yukon roadhouse on Destruction Bay that looks Northeast across the frozen Kluane Lake.  We breakfasted with a collection of travelers while we waited for it to get light.  One was a guy from Kenai who drives a big rig up the Dalton Highway to the North Slope, the type of guy featured on “Ice Road … Continue reading Breakfast in a Yukon Roadhouse on the Alaska Highway

40th Winnipeg Folk Festival, 2013

Suzi and I have been attending the Winnipeg Folk Festival since 1976.  It has provided refreshment to us in different ways depending on where we were in life.  The first festivals came when we were struggling to get and keep KAXE on the air.  The festival spirit helped lift us up, give us new ideas on how to keep a northwoods arts and cultural organization … Continue reading 40th Winnipeg Folk Festival, 2013