Winnipeg Folk Festival 2014

When we first started going to the Winnipeg Folk Festival it was a way to get away from everything and spend several days in Birds’ Hill Provincial Park 40 KM north of the city.  There were no phones. Even when I started carrying laptops and mobile phones the Winnipeg Folk Festival remained a black hole for communications, for a while.  I liked it that way.  There was no internet and no cell service.  After a few years cell service came to the site and a year or so ago there was wi-fi in the media area.  This year the festival … Continue reading Winnipeg Folk Festival 2014

Breakfast in a Yukon Roadhouse on the Alaska Highway

Driving south on the Alaska Highway we stayed in a Yukon roadhouse on Destruction Bay that looks Northeast across the frozen Kluane Lake.  We breakfasted with a collection of travelers while we waited for it to get light.  One was a guy from Kenai who drives a big rig up the Dalton Highway to the North Slope, the type of guy featured on “Ice Road Truckers.”  At one point he said “I don’t know why I do this sh*t.” “Money.” Suzi replied. “Yeah, but why do they need two of this type of truck in Alpine?” He was driving a … Continue reading Breakfast in a Yukon Roadhouse on the Alaska Highway