Prizren, the Picture Perfect Balkan Town

Prizren is the picture perfect Balkan town.  It’s cut in two by the Drini River; a graceful Turkish arched bridge unites the two halves of the town.  A 15th century Mosque dominates the riverbank.  That Mosque is built on Roman foundations.  At least 5 other minarets pierce the skyline.  The citadel overlooking the town was first built in the 4th century BC by the Illyrians and used, in turn, by the Romans, Byzantines and Turks.  Halfway up the hill sits a Byzantine monastery.  Another Orthodox church sits near the main town square.  Then there is the clock tower and Turkish … Continue reading Prizren, the Picture Perfect Balkan Town

Kosovo, June 1999

In June, 1999, about a week after NATO took control of Kosovo Suzi and I visited Prishtina for the first time.  For the next two years we would be regular commuters into Kosovo, based either in Podgorica or Belgrade but managing a media program in Kosovo as well as for Serbia.   Dear Friends, It was 4:22.  The muezzin’s morning call to prayer drifted through the apartment window with a warm spring breeze.  “God is great, prayer is better than sleep.”  This time I didn’t sigh my own Christian prayer and drift back to sleep.  I had an early appointment. … Continue reading Kosovo, June 1999