Prizren, the Picture Perfect Balkan Town

Prizren is the picture perfect Balkan town.  It’s cut in two by the Drini River; a graceful Turkish arched bridge unites the two halves of the town.  A 15th century Mosque dominates the riverbank.  That Mosque is built on Roman foundations.  At least 5 other minarets pierce the skyline.  The citadel overlooking the town was first built in the 4th century BC by the Illyrians … Continue reading Prizren, the Picture Perfect Balkan Town

Kosovo, June 1999

In June, 1999, about a week after NATO took control of Kosovo Suzi and I visited Prishtina for the first time.  For the next two years we would be regular commuters into Kosovo, based either in Podgorica or Belgrade but managing a media program in Kosovo as well as for Serbia.   Dear Friends, It was 4:22.  The muezzin’s morning call to prayer drifted through … Continue reading Kosovo, June 1999