Old New Year, Macedonia and Montenegro

This is Old New Year’s Eve, January 13.  Today and tomorrow I’m posting about this strange holiday from letters I wrote between 1996 and 2011, today 1996 – 2000. 1996:  “Old New Year” sounds like an oxymoron, but in Macedonia it’s a party.  Last weekend we packed up our toothbrushes and went to Macedonia.  The celebration wasn’t the reason we went.  It was a happy … Continue reading Old New Year, Macedonia and Montenegro

Plevja, Mosques and Monasteries.

Plevja is in Northern Montenegro where Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro meet.  It is a multi ethnic area that saw a large influx of refugees during the Bosnian war.  It is part of the Sanzak region which was part of the Ottoman empire, administered by Austria, and when Austria withdrew Serbia and Montenegro split the district.  The “Holy Trinity” Monastery is just outside town.  The Mosque … Continue reading Plevja, Mosques and Monasteries.

Lovcen and the Njegos Valley

Lovcen is the mountain area where Njegos Petrovic is buried.  His tomb is in one of the pictures.  It is the second highest mountain.  When he was asked why he did not choose the highest mountain he said that someday a prince greater than he would come and he would take that place.  It happened. TV came along and the highest mountain is dedicated to … Continue reading Lovcen and the Njegos Valley


Cetinje is the old royal capital of Montenegro.  It was protected by mountains from the Turks; in that way Montenegro could maintain some degree of independence. Historic the capital is not in Podgorica because in the late 1800s Cetinje had the monetary from which the country was ruled by the Njegos clan of Montenegro’s Prince Bishops.  They ruled the country in an odd succession, uncle … Continue reading Cetinje