A Coda With Whales.

After leaving Kake we headed home toward Sitka.  We turned from Fredrick Sound into Chatham Strait and then into Peril Strait.  Peril Strait was not named for any navigational hazard but because it is where many people died of paralytic shellfish poisoning.  Place names tell a lot.  Peril Strait is where they dug the clams.  Then they paddled to a point where they got sick and died.  That point is known as “Dead Man’s Reach.”  A local coffee roaster has memorialized the name in one of their favorite brews. 

As we made the turn into the strait, we were surrounded by whales bubble feeding, breaching, and keeping an eye on us through spy hopping.  We moved around for the better part of the afternoon watching the whales while keeping a legal distance. 

We moved around to both see the whales and to avoid getting too close.

As the sun began to get low, we could see just a touch of a whale bow (or, if you will, rain blow) in the spouts.  

After spending several hours, we passed Sturgis Narrows just before sunset (this is an area of fast tide runs) and the little bit of open ocean in Salisbury Sound and into Olga and Neva Straits, anchoring up in Naquisena overnight.  The next day we made our morning run into Sitka.

The track from Wrangell to our last night anchorage.

I‘ve spent the past couple of weeks writing this blog.  I decided not to bring the computer with me on the ship so I would not be distracted.  It was a conscious decision.  But it also meant that I did not follow my normal practice of downloading and culling photos as I went along and my nightly ritual of writing the day up before I went to bed.  I have been paying for it, trying to drag up details from my COVID fogged brain and having to go through a couple of thousand photos (the blessing of digital) after the fact.   But I’m glad I unplugged for a week to live in the moment.

One thought on “A Coda With Whales.

  1. Thanks so much for your very interesting blog on your latest adventure. I really enjoyed each and everyone. All the bears and whales were magnificent as were all of your other photos.
    I read your first two posts and then waited until tonight and read all the rest, that made it like an adventurous book..
    I did notice on the the whale picture on the right hand side, with 4 visible whales in it that to the right of that photo in the mist it looks like a mans face. Perhaps it is a spirit looking over you and helping you to get well..
    Anyhow I’m glad to read that you are now on the mend and also so sorry you contacted Covid-19. I hope your wife stays well too. So take care gentle and adventurous souls. My thoughts and prayers are directed to you both. Thanks again for your great enlightening blog.❤️

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