Christmas Whale Watch

Our family has a Christmas Tradition of going out on the water over the Christmas Weekend to look for whales.  It is a good tome to look because their breath crystallizes in the cold air and they are easy to spot.  Our first whale watch was with Chuck and Alice Johnstone on the Fairweather when we first moved to Sitka.  Then we got our own boat.  Since we sold the boat we have gone out with different charter operators, depending on who was in town and who was in the water.  This year we went out with Neil McDermott and Karen Mead on “A Whale’s Song Expeditions.”  This year there were lots of whales, several sea lions and the occasional sea otter.  The whales were active, cruising back and forth across Eastern Channel, and across Sitka Sound from Whale Point to Viscari Rocks.  The whales certainly wished us a Merry Christmas.

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