Art Deco Hospital

I was born in a magnificent Art Deco hospital in Jersey City, the Margaret Hague Maternity (named after Boss Frank, “I am the law,” Hague’s mother) Hospital.  It was part of the Jersey City Medical Center.   The Art Deco medical center provided virtually free health care for all Jersey City residents.  Now it’s a condo called “The Beacon” and is not available to virtually all … Continue reading Art Deco Hospital

King Street Station, Seattle

The first time I entered the King Street Station in Seattle was when I stepped off the “Coast Daylight/Starlight in 1973.”  A couple of days later Suzi and I got on the “Pacific International” to head to Vancouver.  The impression the station left me was of a dark cave.  The ceilings were too low, made of acoustic tile.  It was a chintzy modern interior that … Continue reading King Street Station, Seattle

The Milk Run

Alaska Airlines has several ilk runs, flights that hop from airport to airport.  They often are numbered in the 60s and 70s.  Flight 62 starts in. Fairbanks at 6 AM and arrives in Seattle at around 4:30 PM stopping at Anchorage, Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan.  Some flights also stop at Cordova, Yakutat, Petersburg and Wrangell.  On a bumpy day they can be a pain, and slow. … Continue reading The Milk Run

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Dale Chihuly is a glass artist from Seattle.  In the Seattle Center, the site of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair he has a museum and glass garden with fantastic glass figures set among plants in the garden and displayed with lighting that allows the glass to cast shadows on the walls of the gallery.  The garden is next to the Seattle Space Needle and the … Continue reading Chihuly Garden and Glass