The Kosice Bride Industry

This is from a June 2008 letter.

On Saturday afternoon at one most of the stores in downtown Kosice close and the town gets down to the real business of a June Saturday afternoon, manufacturing brides.  St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral is running an assembly line.  Earlier in the week I wondered why there were so many catholic churches in old town Kosice.  On Saturday afternoon I didn’t need to ask.  Wedding bells and organ music sang from each of them.  Following the ceremonies the newly minted brides (and grooms) strolled the streets of the old town almost always followed by some sort of photographer, or videographer.  They were positioned in front of singing fountain, stationary fountains, the plague column, the powder tower, and any number of churches in town.  The lucky one was also accompanied by a small Romany orchestra.  After the photo shoot parties disappeared into the restaurants and cafes along the long town square for wedding feasts.

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