Suzi and I had a flat in Budapest for, perhaps, 100 days in 2000.  We had a flat there because that is where USAID was coordinating aid to Serbian independent media and civil society during the election that unseated Milosevic.  I spent only 22 nights in that flat, Suzi a few more.  During that time I was using Budapest airport to travel between Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Bosnia and who knows where else.  Suzi was traveling too.  At several points one of us arranged to get to the airport early because that was the best way for us to see each other, one coming the other going.  The flat was on the Buda side and on days I was in Budapest I walked across the chain bridge to our office on the Pest side of the Danube.  Despite the small number of nights we each stayed in the flat it was much less expensive than hotels.

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