Rike Park Theater and Exhibition Hall, Tbilisi, Georgia.

I walked back to the hotel, down steep streets toward the glass domed presidential palace.  A lot of the streets on my map were closed for security so I followed several dead ends but got to where I wanted to be, the upper entrance to the Rike Park Theater and Exhibition Hall.  I have described this building as looking like two tubes, or perhaps jug mouths, pouring culture down into the river from just below the presidential palace.  There’s been enough progress on the building that I can tell that the main entry is at the bottom of the hill in the park and not at the top, as I had thought.  One tube is a big glassed in lobby with stairs and escalators leading up to the theater in the other tube.  Under the lobby is an exhibition hall.  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.404790816247673.91138.344825418910880&type=1.  Massimiliano Fuksas is the architect.  He also designed the Ministry of Justice just across the river.

It is part of the “New Georgia” set of buildings designed to contrast with the traditional buildings in Old Tbilisi.  It is controversial.


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