Bear Cub Fishing

I posted the following on Facebook last week.

Suzi and I went out to take some pictures of The Michio Memorial Totem Pole. It is a pole dedicated to a Japanese wildlife photographer killed by a bear. On our way, crossing a creek, we saw — a bear. It was a cub learning how to fish. He was pretty incompetent. We watched for ten minutes in a shallow river, loaded with fish while the bear pounced like a kitten — and missed. After each attempt he looked to his right at mama. Finally, after about 10 minutes he caught his fish and took it off to the woods. We decided not to cross the bridge to the side where mama was probably waiting, remembering WHY there was a memorial totem pole on the other side.

Since this post I have learned that the cub is an orphan, so there was no worry about mom.  The bear continued to hang out at the Halibut Point Recreation Area and made an appearance at a funeral on Sunday.

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