Tap Dancing on the Slime Line. (Sitka Whalefest 2017)

Is that a headline worthy of “The Sun”?  Sitka Whalefest, is a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary party that shows what a small town can do when it goes crazy.  And it’s good for you.

One minute we’re all singing sea chanteys the next we’re listening to “Jazz Singers of the Arctic,” bowhead whale songs presented as part of the festival’s science symposium.  After that, if you’re interested, you can take a tour through the insides of a bowhead whale set up in a tent.  (We did it just before lunch, well okay.)

The science symposium is the core of Whalefest.  But a few years ago I would not have signed up to attend three days of a science symposium.   It was the “fest” part that first drew me in.  I come in for the whale watching, chanty singing and art displays and ended up listening to one or two science lectures.  Now the symposium is the core of my experience although I still do love singing those chanteys, watching whales and taking a turn through the crafts’ market.   And how about those tap dancing XtraTuffs©?

To see more pictures of the whales click here.

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