Pura Tamam Ayun:

On our way back from Pura Luhur Batukau and the rice terraces we stopped at Pura Taman Ayun.  This was an unexpected stop recommended by our guide, Putra.  Suzi and I both said we would rather skip lunch and see something else.   The temple was built in 1634 as a royal temple and renovated in 1750.  It is, perhaps, best known for its gardens rather than for any religious significance.   It was featured in the BBC TV program “Around the World in 80 Gardens.”  Putra warned that this would be crawling with visitors because it’s on the main tourist circle route.  When we got there, there were visitors, mostly young people who didn’t understand temple etiquette.  While Suzi and I didn’t have to wear sarongs because we were “ankle to wrist” these young folks did, but took them off and hung them on the fence before climbing the main stairway to the inner temple entrance (where we could not go because it is reserved for actual prayer.  Putra was offended and shouted at the young people to take the sarong off the fence and wear it respectfully.  We enjoyed a relatively peaceful visit but just as we were leaving several big tour busses pulled up and a stream of people with Holland America swag came through the gates.   Timing is everything.

The temple was built in 1634 as a royal temple and renovated in 1750.

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