Overnight Aurora Sept 10 – 11

The University of Alaska told us that there was a magnetic storm coming.  I started looking for aurora just after 10 PM on Sept 10.  I watched and photographed the Aurora at Starrigavan.  There were several people there, which was annoying because they kept their car headlights on and that kind of defeats the purpose of going to a dark place to watch the Aurora.  But they were bright enough that I got a good look, and some good pictures.

I decided to drive up Harbor Mountain and the single lane road was kind of like the LA freeway.  Lots of cars going up and down and lots of happy people  At one turnout some parents had bundled their kids into a car and went on up.  The parents were having a good time but one of the kids kept saying “I’m tired, I want to go home.”  The parents tried to get the kids interested, and some of them were but for at least one, the comforts of bed called.

The wonderful thing is that it never got below 50 degrees.  I was out the whole time in a light fleece.

I was on the mountain until about 12:30 AM.  i drove home,  By the time I got home the lights were visible over Jamestown Bay, which is to the SOUTH.  They were not bright, too much in the way of city lights, but they were there.

4 thoughts on “Overnight Aurora Sept 10 – 11

  1. From someone who lives down under those photos are special. You are so lucky to experience such a bucket list experience

  2. They are pretty darned awesome. We saw our Aurora in Greenland a few years ago. Will never forget how excited we were to see them.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! I grew up in Sitka, but have not been back for several years now. It’s lovely to see a little piece of home and the glorious sights there. Thanks again!

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