It’s a Bourgeois Town

I love Art Nouveau movement and always live cities where there the movement has taken over the architecture of a neighborhood.  There are several neighborhoods in Antwerp where there are fine representations, including Zurenborg neighborhood near the Berchem tram stop.  There is a mix of Art Nouveeau, belle-epoque and neo-classical buildings.  The neighborhood was built between1894 and 1914, the outbreak of World War I.  In a way it reminds me of our neighborhood in Bratislava, but much more elaborate.  There are buildings on four corners each representing one of the seasons.  There is also a street dedicated to the battle of Waterloo. 

I include pics from the neighborhood plus two pictures of the zoo building, which is in the Central Station Square but has the same feel.

Suzi and I strolled the neighborhood, enjoying the buildings, and found a nice sidewalk café which prepared a us most unusual but delicious melted brie, pear and apple sandwich.  That, topped off by an expresso made our afternoon delicious. 

But as we were walking around a certain Ledbelly song kept going through my brain, “Bourgeois Blues,” cause it’s a Bourgeois Town

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