Aloha Honolulu

240418 19 Aloha Honululu

(Hello/Good by)

The Captain told us it would be an early sail in to Honolulu.  I looked at the map and the sight I wanted to see was on the starboard, we are on port, so I set the Alarm for 5:30 and we went out onto the bow of the ship for the sail in.  It was overcast, and what I wanted to see, the sunrise behind Diamond Head proved to be mostly a dud but I did enjoy us gliding into our berth next to the Aloha tower.  As we were securing lines Suzi and I went back to bed to get up and explore Honolulu later in the morning (see separate post.)

When we got up and out I enjoyed the vintage murals of people arriving in Hawaii on the old Matson Line steamers.

The sail out, 36 hours later, was a bit more of what I expected. 

Sailing out the view is to the portside so we could sit on our balcony and watch Honolulu fade away and see the sunset reflected on the clouds behind Diamond Head.

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