Alaska Highway, January 2014

Our Ninja Bat Mobile sat at Chena Hot Springs for three days.  When I went to start it on Saturday morning for the drive to the ferry at Haines I had no faith that it would start without assistance.  The thermometer at the Activities Building read minus 30.  At best it would take a jump start.  If that didn’t work the resort could bring out … Continue reading Alaska Highway, January 2014

Chena Hot Springs

January 2004.  We spent the last two nights at Chena Hot Springs, 60 miles North East of Fairbanks.  The springs were discovered in 1905 and became a resort for bone weary gold prospectors.  When we arrived the temperature was reasonable, about 20 below.  The springs are easy to find by the steam rising from the valley floor.  This valley is particularly cold because high mountains … Continue reading Chena Hot Springs

Chena Ice Hotel and Museum, Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

We decided to come to Chena Hot springs because the resort has built the world’s first year around ice hotel.  This takes a little explaining.  The resort hauled a high arched Quonset frame surplus from Prudhoe Bay and fit it out with cooling coils.  This keeps the temperature inside at 28 degrees F.  They sprayed the refrigerated Quonset with water to make it icy and … Continue reading Chena Ice Hotel and Museum, Chena Hot Springs, Alaska