Brexit Or Not, London Gets European Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets came late to the UK.  It’s not that the UK didn’t celebrate Christmas.  Since Victoria’s Albert brought the Christmas tree to England the Brits have done it up in grand style.  Before Christmas markets, in the European fashion, came to the UK there was always Covent Garden with its stalls and decorations and Regent Street moving out from Piccadilly Circus. (Below are some … Continue reading Brexit Or Not, London Gets European Christmas Markets

Sitka’s Holiday Market, 2013.

The holiday season has come to Sitka.  The city’s decorations went up just before Thanksgiving (allowing the electrical crews to have some time off on Friday).  I did the Good Day Radio Show on Thanksgiving Morning and enjoyed seeing the decorations as I drove to the station.  Friday we went on the Gallery Walk looking at work of local artists.  One of the things I … Continue reading Sitka’s Holiday Market, 2013.

A History of European Christmas Markets

Traditionally European Christmas Markets start the Friday before the First Sunday in  Advent.  They feature handmade crafts that you buy from craftsman who often demonstrates their craft right at their stands.  In the past three years Europe has suffered “Advent Creep.”   Two years ago several Austrian markets opened the weekend before the first Sunday in Advent.  In Munich the markets were advertised to start on … Continue reading A History of European Christmas Markets