Sitka’s Holiday Market, 2013.

The holiday season has come to Sitka.  The city’s decorations went up just before Thanksgiving (allowing the electrical crews to have some time off on Friday).  I did the Good Day Radio Show on Thanksgiving Morning and enjoyed seeing the decorations as I drove to the station.  Friday we went on the Gallery Walk looking at work of local artists.  One of the things I give thanks for is that Sitka has no big box stores so Black Friday can be about local arts and local business.  Saturday we had a Christmas Market in the Centennial Building where we bought locally produced or designed gifts from our neighbors.  It was a good way to start the season with a gentle snowfall outside and an eagle sitting on top of St. Michael’s steeple watching us enter and leave the building.  A little over an inch of snow greeted the First Sunday of Advent as we lit the candle and the temperature dropped to well below freezing.  By Sunday night it was 18 F, or minus 8 C.   Sunday morning is clear and cold.  We were up to greet the sunrise, which in Alaska this time of year means we can sleep in.  Happy Holidays everyone; Thanksgiving, Chanukah, St. Nicholas Day, Santa Lucia, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza, New Year.  Mix and Match!

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