Welcome to the first beautiful day of 2019

The weather conspired against us.  Kevin and Shannon arrived on Dec 22, on Dec 23 Brian, Liz and the kids Liam and Fiona came to Sitka.  Just before they got here we had some nice weather.  Once they were here, with the exception of a few sucker holes, the weather was, what the weather bureau euphuistically calls, a “wintery mix.” This means rain, snow, hail and sleet either all at the same time or in rapid succession.   Whenever I see “wintery mix” in a weather forecast I think of either something that I should put out in a dish at a Christmas party or something used to make a New Year’s Eve cocktail.

We took advantage of those sucker holes with a trip to the new playground, a visit to the Raptor center and a couple of walks in Sitka National Park and on the Sitka Sea Walk.  We did a whale watch in the wintery mix.  Of course, today, the day we put the last of the kids and grandkids on the plane it was beautiful.

So now the holiday season is almost over.  We still have Epiphany, or as my Irish American family called it “Little Christmas” (and we celebrated mightily) this Sunday when we welcome the Three Kings by taking down all the Christmas decorations.  But the family is gone and I need to get back to my healthier routine.  Although I got through the Christmas Season with essentially the same weight that I entered it (ok, I actually lost a quarter pound).  I put that down to the flavorful food Shannon prepares.  When food is really flavorful and somewhat exotic to my tastes I don’t need to eat as much to feel satisfied.

But, weight aside, I really do need to get back into the daily regimen of exercise and walks, and today was the perfect day to do it.  It was a beautiful day in Sitka, clear and cold.  The low light through the forest at Sitka National Park made for some nice effects on trees and what was lying beneath them.

After the walk I rode out to Silver Bay to see if any whales were feeding, they weren’t but the Alpen glow on the mountains and the sunset made it worth the trip.  Although we still have short days (although lengthening, sunset is after 3:30 today) the twilight on a clear day is long.

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  1. Makes me miss Sitka, even though I have only been gone a week and a half! The light and shadow in the park was fantastic. Thanks so much, Rich.

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