Berlin Contrasts

Potsdamer Platz in 1964, a little East of where the later shots were taken, but you can see some of the same buildings.
Potsdamer Platz 1989.

This post shows two areas of Berlin and how they have changed over 45 years.  In 1964 when the leader of our student tour told me that Potsdamer Platz has been the busiest intersection in Europe it was difficult to believe.  I took a picture at the Platz.   Twenty Five years later I took a picture near the same place.  It was not exactly the same place because the East Germans built the wall a little further inside East Berlin and the observation stand was moved a little closer to the intersection where the Platz is located.  But you can see some of the same buildings. 

A year later  in 1990 I could not stand in the same spot because it was in the middle of the street.

Potsdamer Platz 1990.

 In 2009 I took a picture in the same place and it is unrecognizable.  All the buildings are gone, only the curve in the road is the same.

Potsdamer Platz, 2009

 Below is the corner of Whilemstrasse and Niederkirschstrasse.  In 1964 I stayed at a student hostel near this intersection.  There was not a viewing platform so I could not look over into the East from here.  Whilemstrasse ended in a cinder block wall with barbed wire on top.  In 2011 I returned to the intersection.  Someone added a balloon.























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