Blava Modern

Bratislava is mostly known for its old buildings, or 19th century Empire or Art Nouveau, but there are some modern buildings as well.  The SNP bridge, with its space age pretensions is a controversial symbol of Bratislava.  To build it the approaches ripped through the old town taking out the Jewish quarter.  However, 40 years after it was built it has become an accepted symbol of the city.  The New Bridge, (which is what the SNP bridge used to be called, (It is officially the Apollo Bridge) is a graceful arch over the Danube.

Many old buildings have been given more usable space with the creation of modern dormers, that, I think, tie them nicely into the city.  Old parks have new pavilions and streams of water that add to the enjoyment.

The Slovak Radio House is built as an inverted pyramid.  Perhaps appropriate for a news organization (although I have never thought the inverted pyramid was a good way to write a radio story.)  Unfortunately it is built of a narrow base with a wide top.  Every time a tram rolls by the studios rumble.  The building was designed for an African country with the idea that each window would be shaded.  I am not sure why Slovak Radio ended up with the building.

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