Bratislava, Our Neighborhood.

We lived in an old German neighborhood with houses and mansions owned by German Merchants.  Our apartment building was in the garden of an old mansion.  It was built to house doctors.  We rented from a couple, both of whom were doctors.  We got good medical care along with the rent.  Each month when the landlord came to collect the rent and have coffee she inquired about our health and, several times, arranged visits to their clinic.  There is a picture of the balcony off the children’s room in the flat. (It is the lead pic on this page.)

We were 5 minutes walk from Michael’s Gate, 7 minutes walk from my office and three minutes from the President’s Palace.  While we lived there the neighborhood underwent extensive renovation.  When we first moved into the neighborhood I was hit by a falling piece of facade after a freezing rain.

We returned to Bratislava in April 2014 and took a new set of pictures.  Some of the buildings have undergone more renovation.

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