Rain Forest Walks, Sitka, Alaska

This has been a strange summer.  Perhaps stranger than last summer, which was dry with record heat.  This summer has been warmer than usual, and with both more sunny days and more rainfall than normal.  A lot more rain, record setting rain.  The thing is that instead of the usual “soft” rain, light rain almost tending to mist we have, this summer, had deluges.  One August Sunday we had more than 3 inches of rain, shattering the former record for that day of .9 inches.  Because it is all falling in torrents, we are having more sunny days, or days with a lot of sun, and the drama playing between sun and cloud.  This has made walks in the rainforest particularly rewarding.  We are treated to the lush green of a wet summer but with remarkable patterns of light and shadow as the sun filters brightly through the trees and is then obscured by a cloud and we get a burst of rain.  These are pictures from various rainforest walks this summer.

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