Sitka, Alaska, June 2013

Several of you have sent me emails or even called asking if Suzi and I are ok.  We are more than ok.  When home I don’t write, I am just too busy enjoying the best Sitka has to offer, in both activities and weather.  The Sitka Summer Music Festival, the Sitka Fine Arts Camp, Jazz on the Waterfront, the Alaska Raptor rehabilitation center, walks in the National Park and the Starigavan Estuary, visits to the cathedral (father Michael opened the iconostas so we can see the beautifully carved altar, the glorious change bell ringing at the cathedral, a series of organ recitals on the historic pipe organ (1848, although rebuilt) at Sitka Lutheran, flight seeing on one of those clear days over the glaciers in the South Baranof Wilderness, cruises sponsored by the conservation society presenting wildlife and Sitka’s history and coffee, lots of coffee with good friends.

My house has a wonderful ocean view which we have enjoyed but this year we opened up a sliding glass door out the back with a bridge across to the retaining wall that we had to build this summer to keep the mountain from running into our house.  The new door reminds me that we are not only on the ocean but we are in a rain forest.  We can go out the back door and we are in a second growth (or perhaps a third growth, the Russians logged it two centuries ago) forest.

I’ve documented the summer in the ten posts, this one and the nine before it.  You will see Eagles fishing, life on the water, the Sitka Summer Music Festival, the National Park and the view from my window.

Have a good summer

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