I have been traveling to Georgia for more than a dozen  years.  I first visited in the wake of  the Rose Revolution.  Take the time to scroll down to some of my posts.  You will see pics from my first road trip in 2004 featuring monasteries in the mountains of central Georgia.  You will see the fine old Tbilisi Opera House, which has been closed for renovations for several years.  You will see some of the “winds of change” that have swept over Georgia since Rose Revolution, like a hotel, now a luxury establishment, that when I first visited, was a high rise refugee camp.  The Soviet monumental grandstand, “Andropov’s Ears,”  where the party leaders reviewed May Day Parades is gone form what is now called Rose Revolution Square.  You will see a mix of old and strikingly modern, sometimes in harmony with and sometimes in stark contrast with, the balconies of Old Tbilisi.


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