Tbilisi’s Restored Opera House.

On Saturday after work Lika and I went to see “Swan Lake” at the Tbilisi Opera House.  I had not been in the Opera House for almost a decade.  It’s been closed for 8 years for renovation.  It was stunning, much brighter than I remember, with the chandeliers and the stained glass windows cleaned and the colors renewed.  There are “portholes” that when you look … Continue reading Tbilisi’s Restored Opera House.

Saghomo and Paravani Lakes and Phoka’s Churches.

Thursday, after I finished my work at Radio Nor, we drove back to Tbilisi. Ararat told us that the more roundabout road, over a higher mountain pass above the trees, was better maintained than the road we came in on.  The shorter driving time gave us some time to get out and wander a little at Phoka and the alpine lakes Saghomo and Paravani, sitting … Continue reading Saghomo and Paravani Lakes and Phoka’s Churches.

Ninotsminda, Georgia

IREX has taken on a new partner, Radio Nor, a community radio station, in Ninotsminda.  Ninotsminda is located near the spot where Georgia, Armenia and Turkey meet.  The Lonely Planet guide mostly ignores this part of Georgia.  There isn’t much tourist infrastructure.  We drove south from the mineral water center of Borjomi past several 12th century castles and terraced fields running up mountains to Akhalkalaki. … Continue reading Ninotsminda, Georgia

Iron Butterfly, June in the Republic of Georgia

I’ve been home in Sitka two weeks now, writing reports, enjoying the Sitka Summer Music Festival and thinking of my recent trip to Tbilisi, Georgia.  It was a shorter trip than usual, which was a good thing because if I had stayed my normal two weeks I would have been caught in the flood and probably had to fend off lions and hippos on my … Continue reading Iron Butterfly, June in the Republic of Georgia