Tbilisi 2016

I love going someplace I know well, discovering something new and rediscovering something old.  I had both experiences on this trip to Georgia.  I arrived on Saturday morning and met my colleague and friend Lika for dinner Saturday night.  We walked through the old town, to a newly opened up area behind the Turkish baths.  The area had been behind barricades for years as paths up to a waterfall and a Turkish style stone bridge was repaired.  It is a beautiful cool place on a hot Tbilisi afternoon.  The cold waters from the waterfall mix with the sulphur spring’s hot water.  It was prom night at and students in their finest lined up for pictures before the waterfall.  We had a flavorful Georgian dinner on a terrace overlooking the old town.  I can see new high rise towers growing over Tbilisi, including a new “Trump Tower.”

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