Tbilisi Through My Window

IREX is kind enough to put me up at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel on Freedom Square.  The front rooms have a wonderful view.   I get to watch the traffic circling around and around the monument in an automotive ballet of near misses and skillful maneuvers.   The monument had the cable skeleton of a Christmas Tree.  The lights were gone but the ice frosted the cables so they formed a delicate spiderweb around St. George’s column.  I got to watch the workers climb on that latticework to take it down once the ice melted.  I was able to watch several sunrises, a snowstorm engulf Tbilisi and, of course, the nighttime lights on the Citadel, “Mother Georgia”and Freedom Square.  I take off for home early tomorrow morning.  Goodbye Tbilisi, for now.

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