Termination Dust, Sitka Alaska, November 2, 2013

This has been a wonderful weekend in Sitka.  While we see snow on our mountains all year, those closest to the sea are bare in the summer.  We had a lot of rain at sea level during the week; in the mountains it was snow.  On Saturday it cleared and the near peaks and our volcano got their white snow caps back. “Termination Dust” is what Alaskans call it, the snow that means summer jobs are over.

Some of these are shots taken on the water this weekend on a whale watch sponsored by Sitka WhaleFest (the whales I will post about later.)  We also spent time on Sitka’s new Sea Walk.  I don’t know of a public work project that has become so beloved so quickly.  It always has people on it.  It opened on Alaska Day, Oct. 18.  I think the view from the jetty extension will become the classic view of Sitka, replacing the Lincoln St. view of St. Michael’s and Mt. Verstovia with the Sea Walk view of St. Michael’s and Mt. Edgecumbe, with Crescent Harbor and some of the fleet in the foreground.

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