Mat Su Valley, Sept, 2013

We got to spend two days driving with our friends Dave and Carol Lam, one through the Matanuska-Susitna valley (MatSu) and one down Turnagain Arm to Girdwood.  We enjoyed the last days of summer and the first of fall in Anchorage and environs.  The colors up on the mountains had turned and the mountainsides were red, rust, yellow and green.  When we arrived the tops of the near mountains were clear of snow.  When we left “termination dust” the first snow dusting the mountain peaks, had arrived.  Alaska had a hard winter and a glorious summer.  When I posted pics of the termination dust in the mountains over Anchorage my Facebook friends were not exactly positive, not yet ready to surrender the wonderful summer for another long winter.  Comments of my Facebook page included.  “Thanks for reminding us Rich” or “Freedom of speech does have its limits.”  We arrived on a beautiful summer day and left on a beautiful fall day.  It’s just that the fall day followed a frost and Anchorage was not ready for a frost and snow on the mountain tips.

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