An Early Summer in Sitka

When the rain came back earlier this week I had the feeling of fall coming on.  It has been beautiful the last two months, with our long northern days and lots of good weather.  We have been so blessed with weather that I can’t let myself believe that it isn’t autumn already.  But, of course, we are just beginning summer.  A friend told me we are fortunate to live in Sitka because when something normal happens, that is normal for other people, a blue sky, it is a cause of celebration in Sitka.   We have had two months of celebration.  But there is a certain sadness when the days begin to get shorter.  It may be seconds right now at the end of June, and I probably would not really notice it until mid-July, but intellectually I know we are past the solstice and that brings a certain autumnal sadness.

However, we really do need the rain that we had been getting earlier this week.  And with the rain came the high drama of watching clouds roll in from off the Gulf.  It’s been sunny again today.   I guess I’m glad we went out and bought garden hoses to water plants.   This is not normal.

Throughout the last two months I have been posting pictures on my Facebook page.  Here are a sample of them for this blog.


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