Running of the Boots, Sitka, Alaska, Sept, 2013

Today Sitka celebrated the “End of the Season” with 19th annual “The Running of the Boots.”  Why not?  San Fermin, Spain has its running of the bulls.  We don’t have bulls on our island, or even bull moose, but we do have boots, XtraTufs, “Sitka Sneakers” the rubber boots everyone in Sitka wears.  We live in a rain forest and the end of the season means the return of the rain.  And the rain cooperated.  It rained during the “Running of the Boots” and the “free lunch in the tent on Lincoln Street.”   The boots that run, and some that don’t, are decorated with paint, stickers, tape and flowers.  One pair of XtraTufs wore a pair of tie dyed bandanas. After the celebration the skies cleared up for us to have a beautiful afternoon at the top of Harbor Mountain.

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