Winter Arrives Before Fall Finishes its Work

I saw my chance and took it.  During a day of windy snow squalls I saw a break of sun and blue skies.  By the time I got on my sweater, boots, gloves and ear band and got to the Science Center parking the sucker hole has closed and I took my walk in a snow squall with bits of sun poking through.

The Sitka Sea Walk is a boundary where the tideline meets the snowline with sharp delineation.  Entering the tall Sitka Spruce canopy of the National Park the wind attenuates, the snow is high above me and the ground covered is only in spots.  I wipe the snow spots from my lens and can actually keep it clean.  Here, in the shelter of the forest, green leafy plants have not yet turned and lost their leaves.  The white snow that filters through the spruce needles makes a bright contrast with the green on the forest floor.  Winter is taking autumn by surprise and autumn is putting up a strong campaign of attrition.  Across the park at Indian River winter is clearly winning.  I walk back through the forest and past the totems.  At the Sea Walk the snow squall strengthens and the wind picks up, splattering my lens.

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