Sitting by my window, June, 2013

One of the great joys being home in June is just sitting by my window and watching.  Ships pull into my front yard, fish start jumping and the eagles come in for the kill, fishermen make their evening set outside my window, storms roll in, as does the fog.  In the morning we often hear the fog horns of a ship making for anchor.  This is an active months, the Fine Arts Camp, the Music Festival, boats to ride, hikes to take, meals with friends, but I always leave enough time to sit by my window and watch.  I have a southern exposure and when the sun shines it fills my living room.  I look out over islands to the open sea,  My window to the west overlooks Mt. Edgecumbe Volcano.  As Stan Rogers sang in the song Newfoundlanders, “I built my house where I damn well pleased, with a window by the sea for my television set.”  I have not had a TV in Sitka for a decade.


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