Spisska Sobota, Slovakia

This is from a letter in the early 2000s

We drove from Bratislava to Kosice and made some stops on the way.  I wanted to visit a little town named Spisska Subota, or “Spis Saturday.”  (Slovakia also has a town named “Upper Wednesday.”  I have not been able to find “Lower Wednesday” or even “Wednesday.”  Ever practical, Suzi says the towns were probably named because those were the days they had their markets.)   Subota, is best known for its Whirlpool white goods factory.  We stayed there with the boys several years ago while visiting a station in nearby Poprad.  Subota has a very old town center that was run down but charming.  The mayor promised us that if we came back in a few years he would have the town center restored.  We came back and the old town center is lovely.  The town hall has a bright, shiny, and very brand new copper roof that hasn’t had time to green with age.  It flashes reflected sunlight across the colorful, town square.

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