Sitka Wearable Art Show

The Sitka Wearable Art show was a fantastic community event.  Artists designed clothing made from discarded or unused stuff found around the house.  Some of the costumes were made from empty beer and pop cans, there was a chain mail suit made of pop can pop tops, a suite made of old Kodachrome slides, plastic packing material, magnetic recording tape, spare napkins, cloth remnants, kids’ art taken from the fridge, old movie tickets, orange bait bags, old tire tubes, plastic cutlery, beer bottle tops, tire inner tubes, taco shells, money, unused neckties, and clothes pins.

Some of the costumes were designed to capture motion, like a costume of spirals or the bait bag “fire-dance”, and some flowing dresses that created graceful or kinetic movement.

I did not get good pictures of some of the costumes because I was often shooting straight into a spotlight.  As the show progressed I learned how to use the spot for interesting affect by using my lens as a prism, creating a halo effect and shooting the shadow (because there also was a spot behind me.)  Afterward I got the chance to take some pictures of some of the costumes under better lighting conditions.


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