Dublin’s Georgian Doors.

My sister-in-law accused me of taking pictures of Irish knockers.  Well, yes, they are in the picture, but that wasn’t the point.  Gerogian buildings, with their colored doors, line Baggot St., Stephens Green and Merrion Square in Dublin.  Georgian townhouse windows get smaller as they go up to their three stories to give them the illusion of greater height.  The buildings started as private townhouses but now many house corporate offices.  The next to the last door is Coca Cola Ireland, with its predictable color.  The final door looks like it has been several colors in its life.  There is a closeup at the end of the gallery of this door trying to assert its former lives through the red.

The last time I was in Dublin there was a big business in selling posters and postcards of Georgian doors.  I didn’t see them as much this trip, so I decided to revive the practice.  But there was a price to pay.  Taking these pictures put an ear worm into my brain.  This Malvina Reynolds lyric kept running through my head

There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one”

But they’re not made out of ticky tacky and they don’t look all the same.

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