Ateni Sioni Monastery and Church

The road from Gori to Ateni Sioni Church goes past the oval shaped Gori fortress.  The church was not opened and I did not get to see the fabled frescoes.  In fact it is under renovation and is surrounded by piles of stones that look like they will be used in replacing walls around the compound.  There is scaffolding around one side of the main church.  With the state of deconstruction the church does not look actvie.  The Atenis Soni Monastery (actually a convent) is about a mile away.  It is small and lovely.  A nun showed us around.  It looks like an active community.  They are keeping bees and selling handicrafts and advertise a winery.  The drive up to mountain to the two sites is worth it, with spring blossoms on fruit trees.


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