Bodbe Monastery (St. Nino’s Convent), Georgia

Bodbe, about two km from Sighnaghi, has a 5th century convent that shelters the remains of St. Nino, who converted the King and Queen to Christianity in the 4th Century.  The convent was rebuilt between the 9th and 11th centuries.  George tells me that all that remains from the 5th century is the foundation.  It, and St. Nino’s spring, a constant source of holy water a few hundred meters away are pilgrimage points.  The chapel’s frescoes are from the 1820s.  The Soviets plastered them over and used the building as a hospital.  Some of the frescoes have been restored.  The convent grounds are peaceful with Cyprus trees and gardens.  The nuns grow and sell produce and make jewelry for sale.  The convent has a new bell tower that looks like something from a Romanesque Catholic church from 19th century but I understand it was built in the1990s.   A new and larger church, St. George’s, is under construction on the convent grounds.  We had a coffee and pastry in the “Pilgrim’s Refectory” at the convent.


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