Altwiener Ostermarkt, Freyung (Old Vienna Easter market at Freyung)

Around the perimeter of the Altwiener Ostermarkt, Freyung (Old Vienna Easter market at Freyung Square) booths sell handicrafts, I bought an olive wood egg.  One sold live rabbits.  The food market and the wine tasting booths were across the street.  I have a picture of a group of umbrellas huddled around a round table.  The umbrellas interlocked in a way that guaranteed the soggy diners complete privacy.  Across the back of a row of the booths is a 40 meter (130 foot) long mural of the Passion of Christ painted for this 25th anniversary of the fair by Dorothea Neudorf.  The Freyung market, while not fasting, at least seemed to balance pagan springtide traditions, (eggs, rabbits, food) with the Christian message.  (See some of the 40,000 Easter eggs gathered in the center of the square in the earlier post.)


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