Stardust Ball! (2014)

In Sitka the Saturday before Halloween means the Stardust Ball, a costume ball sponsored by Raven Radio.  When I managed Raven we held the event in the Moose Hall, which had a great dance floor.  As it grew it moved to Centennial Hall with a bad dance floor but a lot more room.  Highlights of the ball are the lip sync contest and the costume awards.  This year I actually got a “Golden Ticket” which meant that I was one of the 20 finalists in the costume contest.  I wore robes gifted to me by my colleagues at Eye Radio in South Sudan.  My picture is the last one in the next post, Stardust Ball II.  I took about three hundred pictures and winnowed them down to 66.  Here are the first 33.  (At the request of some of you I have posted 33 more, making a total of 99, click on “Stardust Ball III

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