Stardust Ball III (2014)

I am essentially a shy person.  Either that or I am too well vested in the Protestant work ethic.  I generally don’t feel comfortable at a party unless I have a role.  When I managed Raven Radio my role at events like the Stardust Ball  was to be host.  Now that  I an sort of retired I cut out for  myself the rule of annoying people by taking their pictures.  I took around 3oo.  Yesterday I posted  66 pictures on  “Stardust Ball” and “Stardust Ball II.”   Someone asked why not more.  OK, I went through my pics and found another 33 (That’ the practical limit to a page on this program) that were mostly in focus and well enough lighted so that you can tell what I was shooting.  (There are a lot of out takes, love digital cameras.)  Here are the 33 extras that made the cut.

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